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Romance Travel

Romance travel doesn't start & end with 

a honeymoon or destination wedding,  It 

should continue all ..




There are a lot of reasons to travel as a 

family, starting with getting away 

from the ..




Whether your group is a Destination Wedding, special Anniversary, or a bunch of golf aficionados, the need.. 

Romance Travel

Romance Travel

 Romance Travel doesn’t start and end with a Destination Wedding or Honeymoon.  It should continue all thru a couple’s life.  Love is indeed a many splendored thing, and the language it speaks is romance. To keep that romance alive and well, it needs

  • lots of encouragement,

  • lots of time to grow and bloom, and

  • lots of time to entwine two lives into one. 

Romance Travel is about making that time. It’s about time spent together strengthening your connections, re-connecting with each other and disconnecting from daily distractions.  It’s all about the two of you growing closer together as you share more and more experiences.  From courtship to 50th wedding anniversary, whether it’s just the two of you or you’re blending a new family together with multiple children, your romance is the oxygen to your flame of love. Tend it well, tend it happily...


 If you need some inspiration, check out these suggestions – each one a fabulous lover’s delight. Then contact me with your own dreams so we can begin turning them into reality!


  • Abounds in All Inclusive Resorts

  • Has all levels of luxury

  • Many resorts are now catering to the foodie lover

  • Excursions are usually right from the property, no traveling or hotel pick-ups

  • Swim-up bars a must!

  • Private beaches

  • Butler and Concierge-level accommodations

  • Adults Only resorts as well as family resorts

  • Non-motorized water activities usually included


The only thing you have to do is relax! We take care of all the rest!

— 2 —

The Caribbean

The Island of Antiqua

Why we like it -

  • Antiqua actually has 365 beaches – one for every day of the year!  

  • Those beaches encircle this wonderful island, and assure that every level of accommodation is available. 

  • Antiqua is also a watersport lovers’ haven.

  • Some areas are perfect for windsurfing, due to their location and the tradewinds.

  • Luxury abounds on this island, many new resorts opening in 2020, with the Waldorf Astoria leading the way.

  • With our affliation with Virtuoso, this means that we have special access to all this luxury and can offer you pricing and upgrades you can’t get on your own.

  • Abounds in All-Inclusive Resorts

  • Has all levels of luxury

  • Many resorts are now catering to the foodie lover

  • Excursions are usually right from the property, no traveling or hotel pick-ups

  • Swim-up bars a must!

  • Private beaches

  • Butler and Concierge-level accommodations

  • Adults Only resorts as well as family resorts

  • Non-motorized water activities usually included


The only thing you have to do is relax! We take care of all the rest!

— 4 —


Ocean, River, or Yacht

Why we like it -

  • Need down-time? A Cruise provides ample opportunity for doing….whatever you want!

  • A spa lover’s heaven.  Regent and Celebrity Cruise Lines offer Canyon Ranch Spa Clubs, and other cruise lines have their own luxurious brands.  Most have world-class, top of the line spas.

  • No packing/unpacking

  • All levels of dining, from casual pizza to fine dining.

  • Plenty of activities or plenty of downtime, whichever you prefer.

  • As private as you want, complete with daily room service. You never have to leave your cabin, if you don’t want. 

  • See a few different countries on one trip.

  • Casual or Dressy – you choose.

  • Moonlit walks along the deck are incredibly romantic, with lots of places to share a kiss. 

  • Adults only areas

  • Smaller ships and yachts have a 1:1.5 ratio of staff to passengers. Lots of pampering!

— 3 

The Maldives

Mihiri Island Resort

Why we like it - 



Riveria Maya / Cancun

Why we like it -

Family Travel

Family Travel

There are a lot of reasons to travel as a family:

  • getting away from the daily hustle & bustle 

  • exchanging the technology world for the world of the outdoors 

  • enjoying playful, fun activities that you can’t do at home, like snorkling, hula lessons, or glass blowing

  • enriching cultural activities that you all share, (making chocolate the way the early Mayan culture did)

  • learning a new skill or elevating an old skill, (mastering horse-back riding or surfing) 

       The list is actually endless. 

 But the main reason for family travel is sharing.

  • It’s about sharing time together, all in the same place. 

  • It’s about sharing the days’ dozens of selfies.

  • It’s about sharing laughs.

  • Its about stealing some time away so Mom & Dad can have a romantic moment, and maybe hold hands on the beach.

  • But most of all, it’s about making memories, all together.

   Our children grow up quickly and time flies by.  These 

   moments are precious.  

A note about small children:

Too many people think their young children are “too young to waste money on trips they won’t remember”.  I disagree with that.  Traveling with small or young children is about showing them travel is an adventure, acclimating them to travel, while exposing them to different cultures which helps expand their horizons - even little children.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t remember the details of the trip; they will have experienced new environments, new tastes and new sounds, at their level.  They will develop a comfort level with change. You will have taught them that.  

Check out these kid-approved vacation ideas.  Schedule a call today and let’s discuss your family’s needs and how best to plan your newest adventure!  All you need to do is pack – We’ll handle the rest.




All-Inclusive Resort

  • All Inclusive’s are a parent’s best friend, especially with a teen-ager. Food costs are capped! All you can eat, all day, every day! 

  • And always something for the picky eaters!

  • All beach and pool toys, like floats and snorkel, included.

  • There is usually a kid’s program, set up for by age groups.

  • Jamaica is truly kid-friendly

  • There are lots of family-centered activities outside the resort also, like swimming with dolphins, climbing the falls, parasailing, etc.

  • Children love reggae!  No, really.  Having taught dance for many years, when young children hear reggae, they start to move rhythmically.  It’s just fun!

  • Jamaican food is a nice segway into “exotic” food. Although somewhat spicy, that can be altered and there is barbecue, a known entity to that fussy eater in the family.

  • English is spoken everywhere.

  • Easily accessible from anywhere in the US.

  • All levels of luxury for family groups.

  • Can you say, Jamaica Bobsled, Mon?!

— 2 —


Athens, Rhoads, & Santorini

  • Although many think of the Greek isles as honeymoon or destination wedding locations, Greece is a Pandora’s box of interest to older children.

  • Athens is mythical to everyone. The Acropolis, up-lit at night, resembles a movie set.  And even young children know the story of Hercules (thank you, Disney movies)

  • An evening ride thru Athens stopping at an authentic Greek taverna, complete with a dinner, a show and plate-throwing finale - always entertaining.

  • The island of Rhoads is a storybook for children. It is the only continually lived-in medieval, walled city in the world. It looks exactly like every medieval picture they have or will see. 

  • Completing the entire walk around the wall. 

  • Game of Thrones (although not filmed here at all) adds another layer, since walled cities are commonplace on the show. 

  • The Street of Knights in Rhoads is enchanting.

  • Experience the open-air markets and eateries.

  • The island of Santorini is sometimes thought to be the lost city of Atlantis.

  • Riding the incline up the cliff side of the island

  • Taking a cruise and swimming to the mud baths, heated underwater by warm volcanic water.

  • Hiking up to the top of the volcano.

  • Taking their own pictures of the very famous church dome always seen in every picture of Greece.

  • The beauty of the Aegean sea and the amazing sunsets even children can appreciate.

— 3 

Caribbean Cruise

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

  • I think some of the best vacations for families happen on a cruise ship.  They offer freedom appropriate to a child’s age and downtime for the parents, as well as time for an adults-only time-out.

  • Lots of entertainment

  • Food choices from hot dogs to caviar

  • Private island owned by Royal Caribbean that client’s continually claim to be their favorite part of the trip

  • Island hopping, so everyone gets to enjoy a different culture and a different place to visit

  • Flowrider

  • Pools

  • Teen clubs

  • Rock climbing walls, and other activities depending on the ship

  • No packing, unpacking

  • Daily concierge

  • Large family suites or connected rooms

  • Family professional photographs

  • Theme nights

  • Family centered Broadway style shows

  • No need for cash, except during port excursions

— 4 —


Islands of Maui & Kauai

  • Exotic enough, but no passports needed

  • All manner of water activities

  • An amazing place for whale watching

  • Great place to learn to snorkel

  • Build your own canoe and race it at Aulanni

  • Underwater submarine rides

  • Surfing, surfing, more surfing

  • In Maui, take the Road to Hanna

  • An authentic luau

  • In Kauai take a helicopter ride to the falls where Jurassic Park was filmed and set down in front of the falls.  Then, enjoy a picnic and swim in the lagoon below the falls

  • Try outrigger surfing! Don't know what that is? Ask me!

  • Take a helicopter and stop at the impressive falls from the opening scene where Jurassic Park was filmed.

  • Ziplining

  • Tubing thru hugh irrigation tubes on an old pineapple plantation

  • Sunset cruise and dinner

  • Take hula lessons and make your own lai

  • Learn about the meaning behind Hawaiian tattoos and get their version of a washable henna tattoos. 

  • Every style of luxury accommodations and transportation.

Schedule your free consult & let's get started!


Destination Weddings / Vow Renewals / Group Travel

Whether your group is a Destination Wedding, a special Anniversary, or a group of golf aficionados, you share the need for great organization, attention to detail, great facilities, phenomenal food & beverage and breathtaking locations (pictures, anyone?) You will need someone to coral deposits in a timely manner from attendees, as well as passport, visas, transportation details, and, of course,  timely payments to suppliers.  

Destination Weddings and Vow Renewals have the added layer of a romantic service, which can’t be repeated.  All the little details and important minutiae - like who has the toasting glasses and did Grandma get her flowers - need to be handled timely and efficiently.

With our attention to detail, planning, coordinating with vendors, and personal service to you and your guests, your  event and your groups’ travel will go off smoothly.  Everyone attending will have a fabulous vacation and plan to return before they ever leave!  

There is a secret to planning an event like a Destination Wedding, Vow Renewal, or Affinity Group and it starts with you.  We help you clarify what type of event you want, we get to know your group of attendees, and help you to match your location to your desires.  Below are some suggestions of different types of group trips and what they might offer you.  Glance thru them for some thoughts and ideas. Share your ideas with us and we can bring your vision to life. Those kisses in the swim-up grotto pool are closer than you think! 

 Set up an appointment now so we may begin the process for you! And you can start enjoying the anticipation of your event! 



Key West, Florida

The Ocean Key Resort

  • Are you looking for a more laid-back vibe, flip-flops and 

  • Margaritas? Yet you want luxury, a private island, with phenomenal food , & breathtaking views? And NO passports necessary for your guests? Then look no further – this location screams Weddings!

  • Let us set up your private water taxi so your guests can go back and forth to the mainland at their leisure.

  • Have some of your events on the mainland, in any number of facilities we can advise you about. Having a vacation home a few hours by high speed ferry from Key West, I know the area well. 

  • Your cultural guests will love to visit Hemmingway’s home and see the legendary cats still living there – they have an extra digit passed down from Hemmingway’s own cat.

  • Your geography buffs will not miss Southernmost Point for a selfie. Only miles from Cuba.

  • Riding around Key West in an electric golf cart is so fun.

  • We can arrange a private champagne and sunset sailboat ride just for your guests or just as a treat for you to enjoy with your bridal party.

— 2 —

St. Lucia

Jade Mountain Resort

  • Would you rather not make one more decision?   Is planning, with all those choices, starting to overwhelm you?  Then let us help you!  We can sort thru it all. We will coordinate with the location so they will have whatever you need: music, photographer,  flowers, wine tasting, whatever. It will be all ready to go when you arrive! We will work with you to pick out a luscious location that suits your taste, your needs and your dreams. All you have to do is enjoy the anticipation of it all! We’ll do the rest.

  • At Jade Mountain,for example, all rooms face the sea. 

  • Built into the side of a mountain, each room only has 3 walls. The fourth “wall” is open to the sky! Quite Unique. Breathtaking!

  • Private Jacuzzi or private infinity pool

  • Spectacular spa facilities, including an outdoor massage area

  • Take a 2-person jeep tour of the island

  • Take a lazy catamaran sunset tour

  • Mostly relax, relax, relax. Everything has been taken care of.

  • This location works best with a small, intimate group of family or friends.  There are other resorts, if your group is larger.

— 3 


A Paul Gauguin Cruise

  • If you want something entirely exotic, outrageously romantic, and is nothing like anything your friends or family have done, then consider a wedding at sea.  Especially in Tahiti! There are few destinations like it. And what better way to discover and commune with this incredible location, then on the sea - the real home of the Tahitian people.

  • Paul Gauguin cruises are small cruising yachts whose main focus is Tahiti. You and your guests will island-hop your way around this amazing and breathtaking location.

  • Have your wedding or vow renewal ceremony on a private island location, while at port.

  • Arrive in an outrigger canoe for your ceremony.

  • A Conch blower, a traditional island call to attention, will announce the ceremony.

  • Tahitian dancers will be your attendants.

  • Since the cruise ship is a small cruising ship, it can go in ports other larger ships cannot, allowing you access otherwise unavailable. 

  • You will stop at out of the way places.

  • Your reception dinner can be held on the beach, where the ship’s chef will provide your cake, during a traditional Tahitian. 

  • Dive for your own black pearls, the gem of Tahiti.

  • Take advantage of a wide range of watersports right off the back of the ship.

  • Spend a post-cruise night in an over-water bungalow or a private beachside villa.

  • Learn the ceremonial dances of Tahiti and the meaning behind the hand gestures.  This language is one of the oldest languages in the world, and it is how the early island cultures throughout the South Pacific communicated with each other.

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