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FAQ + Policies

Get All Your Questions Answered

  • What is a Travel Advisor? I didn’t know that was a “thing”.
    Yes, it is a “thing”! A Travel Advisor is your new best friend! As your travel advisor, I will get to know you, listen to your travel wishes and make sure you are going in the right direction to fulfill those dreams. I am an expert in my field, who has extended knowledge and resources you don’t always have access to. As a member of the coveted Gifted Travel Network, a Virtuoso member, I am often able to get you upgrades and additional benefits you cannot get for yourself, as well as having access to the largest network of luxury properties and suppliers. In general, I am invaluable! For more detailed information, see “Explanation of What Travel Advisors Do” in my blog, Today’s Travel Buzz.
  • Do you charge a fee?
    Yes, I do charge service fees. As an experienced professional who has put in tons of hours and years of learning, as well as continued education in my field, I charge fees commensurate with whatever service you need me to do. I offer a free consultation, to determine your needs and introduce myself. To schedule your free consultation, go to My Calendar and for a list of services and fees go to My Services page.
  • Do you only do Island vacations?
    No. I specialize in island destinations, and promote island travel, but it certainly is not all we do. Sundrenched Travel is anywhere the sun kisses the land (sundrenched Tuscany or a brilliant ski slope in Aspen) and anywhere people in love want to travel!
  • What is Romance Travel, anyway? Is it only honeymoons?"
    No, Romance travel is not just about honeymoons! Romance is about people connecting, staying connected and continuing to ignite that spark that started it all. It’s about taking the time to continue your love affair thru all phases of your life. But most important, it is about those moments under a sundrenched beach or a moonlit sky, where “I love you” is spoken without the necessity of words. For a broader explanation, see “What is Romance Travel Anyway?” in my blog, Today’s Travel Buzz.
  • Is it legal to get married on-board a ship?
    It is actually legal to get married at sea in the United States on only one ship, which sails in Hawaii. However, you can get married legally while the ship is in port, pre-cruise, or you can have a private civil ceremony before you board, and then repeat your vows at sea once the ship sails. Weddings and vow renewals at sea can be done with just the two of you or as a Destination Wedding with family and friends sailing with you!
  • Do I really need trip insurance?
    Yes, Yes, Yes! For one thing, if you are traveling outside the US, most health policies will not cover nor reimburse you. Any medical attention you would need, you would have to pay 100% out of your own pocket. Also, if any medical emergency were to happen, your evacuation back to the states would cost you thousands. Travel insurance covers medical, evacuation, lost or damaged luggage, missed flights, change fee protections, and much more.
  • What is involved in a Destination Wedding or a Destination Vow Renewal? Can’t I just book a resort and they will take care of it?
    Do you really want to leave one of the most important events of your life, to a random person in a resort where your main communication is strictly thru email? The wedding planner in the resort is the person who will oversee the actual wedding ceremony location in the resort, and any meal arrangements after that. They do not deal with the millions of tiny details leading up to the trip, nor anything needing coordination or care during the trip (like getting those toasting glasses to the reception or making sure Grandmom knows what time to be dressed and ready) nor any details regarding your guests (like a diabetic uncle who definitely needs a refrigerator for his insulin). A Destination Wedding or destination event of any kind requires hands-on care and someone who knows exactly what you want. For a detailed look at what a Destination Event entails, see “Why You Need to Let a Professional Take Care of Your Destination Wedding and Vow Renewal” in my blog, Today’s Travel Buzz.
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