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Our History

The Wedding

The Epiphany

A-ha Moment

Our Mission

Lofty Goals

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our history


the epiphany

The seeds of ST were sown at my wedding at sea many years  ago. My husband and I (both single parents with 3 children between us) had 2 weddings - 10 days apart. The first took place on New Year's Eve; the service itself took place in a beautiful log cabin church, The Cathedral in the Woods, on the shores

of Medford Lakes,  NJ.  The reception followed later that evening and was a black-tie, NYE party.  The  2nd wedding was held during our honeymoon, which was sailing throughout the Caribbean on a tall ship, The Yankee Clipper.  This ceremony was held on the bow of the ship as she sailed from the coast of St Barth's at sunset.

It was with this incredible backdrop during this amazing & romantic event, that I proclaimed to my husband, "I'm in love with love!"  His response, of course, was "I thought you were in love with me?!"     Note: If you are planning a wedding or vow renewal, or just interested in a romantic story at sea, check out my blog about this 


This "Epiphany at Sea" led to two life-defining mindsets. Eventually, it also led to our company beliefs, which are the framework of our mission statement. These 2 enlightening nuggets are: 

#1. the understanding that love is about ALL the things we are passionate about, not just our significant other. Passion, plus it's twin, Romance, are a state of being; and it can be constantly re-instated and regenerated, no matter the circumstances of your life. In other words, Passion is just the description of what you love. You can be passionate about a person, or about art & music, or about crazy-lovin' your dog.  

#2. one of the best ways to foster communication, respect, and caring for ourselves and others, is via travel.  My husband and I followed this belief and used travel as the springboard to successfully raise our children and blend our lives into a loving family unit. Today, the success of our "experiment" is evident watching our grown-up children function just like any set of natural siblings! NOTE: If you'd like to know more about how we did  this, and why it works, check out this blog post. 

our mission statement

IMG_8935 (1).jpeg

Our Foundational Beliefs

 - We want to help make the world a better place

 - Opportunities to expand our horizons (and those of our children) are all around us and exist in endless variations

 - Fun and laughter are inalienable rights of all of us

 - We should celebrate all the happy (as well as sad) milestones of our life.  This is part of our humanity

 - We are stewards of our planet, and all the animals in it. We should act accordingly.

Our Mission

is to provide luxury escapes, curated and specifically tailored to provide the highest level of travel experience, while meeting our bespoke clients' global wanderlust.

Sundrenched Travel, based on the heritage of my personal, lived experiences, exists to help foster, strengthen, and maintain love, romance, and family ties & family growth through the transformative power of travel. 


We embrace the concept of  "its about the journey, not just the destination" and believe every vacation should be fun-filled and memorable!.

Travel changes lives, and so Our Lofty Goals are to be  a force for good changes in the world.  That is why we have started a 3-pronged initiative to make sure our company stays true to our beliefs.

  1. We recognize that over-tourism can wreck havoc with some environments. That is why we provide all our clients traveling to the islands with complimentary reef-safe suntan lotion to help alleviate further damage to our global reefs and their environment.

  2. Because the Happiness Factor is so important, we now partner with Blue Ribbon Bags to provide our clients with a complimentary GPS tracking service for their luggage.  To insure our client's travel starts out correctly, we want to make sure their luggage goes where they go!

  3.  Finally, since we see ourselves as stewards of our land and protectors of animals who can't protect themselves, we "adopt" wild endangered species thru donations to the World Wildlife Fund and try to bring these issues to the forefront so others are informed.  When we know better, we all can do better.   

mission stmt

quirky things about me that help you

quirky me

in closing....

Quoting lyrics from a very well-known song: "If you like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain.."  if anything resonates with you, let's start planning your dream trip now.  But we don't have to meet in O'Malley's bar to plan your escape...just schedule your Free Consultation by phone today! I can't wait to meet you. 

I'm ambidextrous.

That means I use both sides of my brain.  I am both analytical and creative.  In grade school, I liked math and coloring, equally. This benefits you because I am detailed minded and can keep a running tally of your expenses with a mind to your budget while simultaneously thinking about where to find your favorite foods & foodie events, private museum tickets, and spa appointmens, and what time sunset is off the coast of Santorini. 

I like opposites.

I like black & white; I like bright primary colors as well as total neutral. I am equally at home with clean lines as with off-center art. (Think Frank Lloyd Wright v Antoni Gaudi.) This benefits you because it means I am quite flexible, and if you have different traveling styles within your group, its no problem. Example: if all you want is to lay by the pool, have some moonlit private dinners, and couples massages, but your spouse is making plans to go deep sea diving, cliff jumping and ziplining, its all good.  We can work it out. (In fact, that example comes directly from an actual couple's honeymoon dilemma.) 

I am really organized.

I am insanely organized - like my spices in my kitchen cabinet are in alphabetical order; the clothes in my closet are in descending order starting with black and ending with white; my books are subject order.  This benefits you because I will make sure all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted.  You will receive your documents and travel information in an easy to find, easy to read fashion.  If your trip is lengthy or complicated, or your group is large, this is where I excel.  I LOVE

All. The. Details.

I always owned a sports car

Ok, so maybe all these quirky things about me don't all translate into much more than interesting facts.  Unless you own sports cars, too. But  the truth is , over the years  I have owned everything  from Mustangs, to Truimphs and BMW 's 2 seaters, to Corvettes.  So there's that.....

I love the vibes of wineries & distilleries

This is very similiar to the one above, in that its not much more than interesting data.  EXCEPT I am like those loveable Basset Hounds with their long ears and big eyes:  If you too love these places,  I will be able to hunt down and basically map them out for you anywhere in the world. 

 dream today. travel tomorrow.

Exclusive Access to Virtuoso's Wanderlist® !

 Wanderlist is an interactive place to explore, collect and share travel. It's fun, easy, and FREE!  Want to see the Northern Lights? Interested in Over-water bungalows? Cruises on your bucket list? Save your favorites or you can share them with anyone who shares your interest or send them to your travelin' buddies!

 We hope you enjoy this virtual walk around the world.

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